Jesus is a Theologian, pt. 1

I swear that’s not horrible news Or as boring as it sounds This essay went off the rails for me about halfway through. It started by asking the simple question: is Jesus a theologian? Can He be said to have a theology? For me, It ended up doing more than that, which we will get... Continue Reading →

On Never Ending

“Love Never Ends” My hands gripped the pew before me so tightly they ached, as if caught in an over-wrought handshake. I drew in quick, sharp breaths. Though I was careful to keep my head still, my eyes darted wildly around the room. This was church, after all. I didn’t want to draw attention to... Continue Reading →

No More Bad Cop

Rethinking the Whole “Truth and Grace” Thing It was Sunday morning, and I was squirming in church. My pastor had just hit his stride, launching fierily (real word?) into an assault on weak, shallow teaching and belief in churches. He’d chosen a phrase from the Gospel of John, one that he didn’t even have to... Continue Reading →

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